I’ve created a character known for his elaborate and beautiful smoking glassware. As his story takes place in Somerville, I thought I’d compare his work to the glass flowers at Harvard’s Natural History Museum. Some visual inspiration:
2008-03-22 03-23 Boston 176 Cambridge, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Glass Flowers of Leopold & Rudolph Blaschka
Glass Flowers: Matilija Poppy
Harvard Museum of Natural History
Glass Flowers: Ficus Carica (Fig Tree!)

Of course, I also wanted to study actual smoke architects.

Eric Doeringer stood out.

Untitled (Purple)

Mixed Media, 36 x 18 x 18″, 2002.

“Untitled (Purple) is both a gravity bong and illuminated fountain. When the user pulls up on the bowl, water drains out of the top of the fountain, sucking air (or smoke if the bowl is lit) into a large chamber. When the bowl is lowered, water begins to fill the chamber again, forcing the smoke out through the mouthpiece at the bottom of the fountain.”


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